Love comes close

Love comes close but chooses to spare me

Death comes close but ceases to take me

I want to twist, the knife a bit deeper

To siphon the love from the hearts of the leaves and

Look outside, world is exploding

Stay inside, still never knowing

Taking cover, with each other

Sleeping off the century of hope

White Hands



Grey Death

Grey Death

Acryl, chalk on Cotton, 60x100

beat beat me to death i said it
beat beat me to death
grey death beat me

Talkin Pets Flyer Design

Hey Folks - Now i just moved to Hamburg and really like it. Got a new painting space so my output will hopefully explode. Here is a Flyer design which i drew last night for my friends the Talking Pets. They will Tour in November through Germany with the amazing Frightend Rabbit from Scotland. More on

Truth doesn't make a noise

You try to tell her what to do
and all she does is stare at you
her stare is louder than your voice
because truth doesn't make a noise


I know it's been awhile since i posted my last entry, but a lot of things happend. I've visited Paris which was pretty nice - i love the street art and graffiti scene there.

Amazing Tape Art in Paris

AND i've been to Lindau which is at the big Bodensee lake. Some Artists including the amazing Julius von Bismark made a exhibition on the whole island of Lindau.

Amazing project in Lindau
Best feeling ever in Lindau

I will move to Hamburg next week so i was pretty busy to find a flat but i didn't forget to paint. here a little sneak peak of my newest painting.

The inner beauty

The title is the description

Talking Pets New Merch Stuff

Some new merch i did for a Band. You can order the Shirt at